The team of no-bullshit "blockchain" technical experts

We are the Chainsmiths

A distributed team of domain experts in "blockchain" technical architecture, security, and problem solving. Chainsmiths was founded in 2015 and has since provided services to many global banks, funds, and other multinationals. We also sometimes help startups. Unlike most, we don't do blockchain bullshit. No blockchain for cats, ICOs for a PotatoCoin or other nonsensical projects.

Alright, tell me more!

What we do

Bitcoin and other blockchain protocols are still very young, only a few hundred people have serious understanding of their inner working and implications. We are some of these people.

Feasibility and due-diligence

You probably Don't Need A Blockchain For That. We will help you figure out if and where blockchain can be useful for your business. We also love to review/break usecases, that could save you a lot of cash. Technical due-diligence is something we love to do!

Architecture, design, audits

We love challenges. The more hardcore your request is, the more likely we will accept it. We enjoy difficult projects, whether it's about building or breaking a concept or product. We usually put core developers on architecture and review projects.

Trainings, bootcamps, keynotes

We provide workshops, technical and non-technical trainings and keynotes. Chainsmiths also spend time and resources to organises a few public events from meetups to full-scale conferences such as the Chainhack, or previously Breaking Bitcoin and BoB.

Community, contribution, collaboration

We believe in open-source, in collaboration and flexibility. We are a team, but most of the Chainsmiths are also working on their own product-startups or are open-source contributors while being part of the family. This freedom our main strength. "The people you cannot hire".

Technology watch

The "blockchain" protocols are evolving quickly and some teams are developing amazing products. We work hard to stay at the top of what's happening, knowledge is our business!


Consulting is our day job but not the only one. We are exploring product ideas and forming teams for when the time is right. The "blockchain" protocols are powerful but the applications won't be built by themselves. We enjoy tinkering about Privacy, Freedom, Security, Bitcoin Custody, Sovereignty and many other related goals.

Contact Us

If you need our services, please reach out by email, we will reply as soon as we can. We don't do ICOs.

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