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Bespoke training

Executive Awareness

Understanding of blockchains and Bitcoin particularly is an increasing necessity for today's leaders. While executives don't need to understand the inner working of a blockchain, it is really important that they realize the potential opportunities and threats which will affect their industry.

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Bespoke technical training

Bespoke technical training

It is very hard to find talents with blockchain experience, and even harder to hire them. Training your existing senior software developers is becoming the only way to scale and be ready for the blockchain-based distributed systems. We deliver trainings to any level: from people with no previous blockchain experience all the way up to very specialized training for senior blockchain developers.

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Chainsmiths blockchain seminars

Due to the very high demand for executive training, Chainsmiths decided to offer an even more intense and comprehensive learning opportunity for decision-makers. The Chainsmiths Seminars cover specialist topics such as Regulation, Strategy, the State of the Technology, real world use cases applications, etc. These events usually line up a dozen expert speakers over a few days of seminar, for a very limited number of attendees in an interactive set-up. Click the link below for information about our next Seminar.

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